Creative Ways To Give To Charity

Symbol And Shape Of Heart Created From Handsthe Concept Of Unity Cooperation Partnership Teamwork And Charity

In a world filled with interconnectedness and endless opportunities, charitable giving has the power to shape a better future. It extends far beyond the conventional methods of writing a check or tossing a few coins into a donation box. Today, we embark on a journey to explore a treasure trove of innovative and captivating ways […]

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Front Yard Clogged Gutter Near Roof Shingles of Residential House Full of Dried Leaves and Dirty Need to Clean-up Blocked Drain Pipe on Rooftop

As the summer comes to an end and as we slowly near the end of the year, we might start thinking about our fall checklists pertaining to home maintenance. Why is this essential? For starters, the weather may become cooler, winds may take up speed, and getting your home repair list done in time can […]

Natural Disaster Insurance: Does Insurance Cover Natural Disasters

Flooded Vintage Interior 3D Concept

While homeownership is one of the most joyous experiences we can have within a community, but it’s not without its hardships. The worst thing that can happen is natural disasters. They can be swift and devastating, leaving just destruction, sorrow, and broken dreams behind.  To make matters worse, many people think that the damage caused […]

Budgeting: What Is The Best Way To Create A Budget?

Close Up of Economical Young Woman Manage Household Family Budget Calculate Finances at Home

Many individuals require a means to monitor their monthly expenditures, aiming to gain better control over their finances and facilitate saving for their objectives. The key is to identify a financial tracking method that suits your preferences.  The team here at Habitat for Humanity understands that homeownership can be a challenging experience, and planning a […]

Ways To Keep Bugs Out Of Your House

Woman Spraying With Insecticide Over an Ant on the Kitchen Floor

Bugs in the house are never good news, no matter whether you’re afraid of them or not. Insects belong outside and not in a home. They create unsanitary conditions, and they are simply just annoying, making noises, flying, or crawling around. To make matters worse, some may even sting and carry diseases that may infect […]

The Importance of Charity – Why We Should Be Charitable

Diverse Hands Holding the Word Give

In most general situations, people define charity as giving resources like money and time to a greater cause without expecting anything in return. The purpose of charity, or selfless giving, is aimed to serve the most vulnerable groups in society, helping them ensure that their basic needs and human rights are met. Giving to charity […]

Green Tips: How To Live A Greener Life

Present Box With a Green Globe Tag

We live in a day and age where we should all strive to empower green living, i.e., making more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle choices. As homeowners and inhabitants of this planet, we should learn how to make a difference and keep this lovely planet habitable for centuries to come.  In this article, the teams […]

A Guide To Home Decorating With Thrift Store Finds

Young Woman Decorating Bedroom With Beautiful Flowers at Home

The subtle art of using thrift home decor gives every creative soul an excellent opportunity to personalize their home’s interior with unique used furniture. There’s just something really inviting and creatively exciting in decorating with thrift store finds. First of all, these stores provide us with the opportunity to sniff around for one-of-a-kind thrift home […]

11 Home Repairs You Can Do By Yourself

Man Doing Renovation Work at Home Together With His Small Yellow Dog

While homeownership is the ultimate goal for most of us, and it manages to instill a sense of pride and joy, having a place you call home also means that you will have to maintain your home – and things can add up really quickly. Still, there’s no need to be afraid of homeownership and […]

9 Ways to Save On Home Insurance

Home Insurance Concept

Some might think that a homeowner can only reduce the cost of homeowner insurance by using witchcraft or some other type of magic. Jokes aside, many people are convinced that they can’t really save on homeowner’s insurance unless they make a few significant changes that may alter their plan. Homeownership can often be overwhelming and […]

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