A Rick Case Habitat Community

Habitat for Humanity of Broward has embarked upon the most ambitious project to date: A Rick Case Habitat Community. Once completed, seventy-six homes will sit atop nine acres in Pompano Beach, built with our partners and hard-working Broward families. The new community is transforming the area into a vibrant, beautiful single-family home neighborhood.

Community Sponsor

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A Rick Case Habitat Community features

  • Single and two-story, three to four bedroom homes
  • Community park and playground
  • Safe street lighting
  • Unique community green space
  • 228 canopy trees

Become a Home Sponsor

As a Family Home Sponsor, you enable us to pour the foundation for a new home, literally. We do not begin to build without a Family Home Sponsor in place.

Family Home Sponsors make generous gifts which represent approximately one-half of the total cost for construction. The balance is made up through smaller gifts and sponsorships, unrestricted revenue from our mortgage portfolio, and ReStore.

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