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General Contractors and Roofers are encouraged to apply to our pre-qualified list for Broward County’s
Owner Occupied Minor Home Repair and Water/Sewer Connection Program.

Habitat for Humanity of Broward, Inc., (HFHB) was selected to implement Broward County’s Minor Home Repair and Water/Sewer Connection programs and is currently seeking qualified general contractors and roofers to provide General Contracting Services (GCs) and Roofing Services for these two programs.

It is Habitat Broward’s intent to establish a pool of qualified and experienced GCs and roofers who will then be eligible to bid on and complete residential property rehabilitation work identified HFHB. Any vendor, including vendors currently working with Broward County or HFHB, who wish to be part of the new pool of contractors must submit a response to this solicitation for furnishings the services.

Qualified General Contractors and Roofers responding will provide:

1. LICENSES: Proof of one of the following valid State or County License

a. State of Florida: General Contractors License (Unlimited) or Building Contractor License (Residential to 3 Story) or Residential Contractor License (Residential Only) or Roofing Contractor License and a Qualified Business License in his/her own name

b. Broward County: General Building Contractor Class “A” License (Unlimited) and must be registered with the State; or County General Building Contractor Class “B” License (Residential to 3 Story) and must be registered with the State or County General Building Contractor Class “C” License and must be registered with the State (Residential Only) or Broward County Roofing Contractor Class “R” License and registered with the State and a Qualified Business License in his/her own name.

2. EPA Certified Renovators: General Contractor/Building Contractor/Residential Contractor must possess a current and valid Certified-EPA Renovator’s certificate in order to work on homes constructed before 1978.

3. Business Tax Receipt: or municipal Occupational Licenses must be current at time of submittal and maintained through work performance.

4. Insurance: provide proof of:

a. Current Contractor Liability Insurance coverage for $1,000,000

b. Workers Compensation Insurance or Exemption

5. Complaints/violations: All Respondents must be free of any substantiated complaints or violations during the prior two (2) years and maintain a consistent record of passed inspections with no lengthy delays.

6. Recent projects: All Respondents must provide evidence of having pulled permits and built, roofed or rehabilitated at least three homes within last two (2)yrs & (example of evidence might be final building permits).

7. References: Provide a minimum of three (3) written references for rehabilitation completed within the last (2) years. References include project address, general contract total and work description, contact person name, phone, and email.

8. Debarment and SAM Registration: Neither General Contractor, Roofer, nor their subcontractors are eligible if the General Contractor/Roofer or subcontractor is listed on the Broward County Debarred Supplier List, State of Florida Debarred Supplier List, Federal Debarred List through the System for AWARD Management (SAM) proof of registration with is required.

Some or all of these projects will be funded with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) federal funds to include, but not limited to, Community Development Block grant (CDBG), and Home Investment Partnership (HOME) Grant. State energy efficiency grant funds may also be utilized for these programs. All applicable federal and state requirements, including Section 3 goals, pertain to these programs.

Broward County and HFH encourages the active participation of minority businesses, women’s business enterprises, small and certified business enterprises as part of any agreement or subcontract agreement, whenever possible.

Requirements to submit proposal:

  • — W-9
  • — Workers Comp Min. $1,000,000
  • — General Liability Min. $1,000,000
  • — License

Packages to be submitted electronically at: Or by Mail to: Habitat for Humanity of Broward, Inc. Attn. Jim, Minor Home Repair Program 888 NW 62nd Street, 2nd Floor Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309954-396-3030

Issued on behalf of Broward County Housing Finance & Community Redevelopment Division

Please contact Construction Procurement at email

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