The Jorge Perez Metropolitan Center at Florida International University has completed a comprehensive study of the impact of Habitat Broward’s homeownership program. The study found homeownership improved family health, education, quality of life and wealth creation while raising neighborhood home values, employment rates, and the tax base.

During their two year study, the researchers conducted door-to-door canvassing, online questionnaires, focus groups and a deep dive into Census data.

Read the Homeownership Impact Fact Sheet here. 

Health and Quality of Life

It is impossible to focus on the future when your living situation presents basic health hazards.

92% of Habitat homeowners report their household was healthier after moving into their home.


My housing was free of mice, bugs, pests, mold and bad air quality.

I slept well at night

Two Kids






My household had access to public parks

My household had access to healthy food options

My household members had health insurance






Statment 1
My household and I felt safe in my neighborhood.
I trusted my neighbors to help if I needed something.
My household and I felt settled in our housing.
I volunteered, donated, or otherwise participated in a neighborhood project or ...
I was comfortable with myself, my kids, and/or my family spending time outside.
After Before

Education & Security


of Habitat Broward (HB) parents saw improvement in their children’s school attendance and overall behavior.

education and security kids

53% of HB parents saw their children’s grades improve after Habitat homeownership.

education and security familly

HB homeowners who are comfortable with their kids spending time outside:

Before home 53%

After home 81%

Economic Empowerment

“Habitat homeowners have taken steps to improve their economic future using skills learned from Habitat to navigate homeownership and make more informed financial decisions and are much less susceptible to broader economic shifts .”

Never needed to borrow money to make ends meet
Before HB home 38%
After HB home 68.2%
Sufficient income to meet family needs
Before HB home 53%
After HB home 78%
Economic Empowerment father and son
Mother and father with two kids
I feel relaxed and confident about my finances
Before HB home 48%
After HB home 79.2%
I was able to make steps towards future goals
Before HB home 60%
After HB home 82%

Case Study: A Rick Case Habitat Community

  • 76 affordable single family home community – the largest in County’s history.
  • A mixture of single and two-story homes on a 9-acre site.
  • Parks, green space, walkable and connected community
  • More than 220 children will call this community home.
Case Study-Houses
Case Study Familly

“Positive trends in areas such as household income, home values, and employment in this Habitat community demonstrate that affordable housing and increased housing stability improves opportunities for economic mobility for residents.”

The Jorge Perez Metropolitan Center at Florida International University

Statment 2
Case Study Student
Statment 3
Statment 4
Statment 5

Increase in Home values

Home values pompano beach
Home values Rick Case

Habitat Broward home purchased in 2019 now fuels a generational wealth transfer.

Asset Growth
1.4% Decrease
7.4% Decrease

Decrease in unemployment rate

Home Values Volonteers

National Stats: A Rick Case Habitat Community

National Stats Details
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