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5 Tips For Modernizing Old Furniture

Senior Restorer and His Apprentice Working With Antique Decor Element in His Workshop.

We all love cool and edgy furniture that exudes luxury and style, especially when they also have a slight hint of tradition to create the perfect blend of everything stylish.

Still, those timeless pieces can be hard to come by, and sometimes, they are simply out of our budgets. At other times, we will have to make due of older pieces that we had around for ages or even inherited from parents and grandparents. 

Unfortunately, some people don’t know what to do with old furniture. Often, we have one or two pieces that may look beaten up, and they might end up sticking out like a sore thumb in your home. Still, with a few furniture remodel tips, you’ll be modernizing old furniture in no time and breathing new life into those outdated pieces, making them look fresh and modern.

As such, in this article, we’ll talk about how to make old furniture look modern. Furthermore, if you want to look around for inspiration, you can always take a look around the Habitat ReStore website. 

How to Make Old Funiture Look Modern?

Honestly, with a few easy DIY touches and a little bit of work, you can learn the ins and outs of modernizing old furniture and turn your worn-out pieces into the most attention-grabbing items in your home. 

Below are just a few tips that can help you get started.

Refinish Your Old Dresser

If you have a vintage dresser in your home and you want to breathe some life into it, you can simply start the modernizing process by refinishing it. 

Refinishing is a great way to make old furniture look new, and it only requires a bit of practice. Sanding and painting are a lot easier than they look, and if you want to apply an even and shiny coat, learning how to use a spray gun can go a long way if you want to perform the furniture remodel by the books.

So, practice a bit and get your creative juices flowing. Still, don’t go overly bold regarding color choices. You don’t want to go with too bright colors when modernizing old furniture. Before you opt for a color scheme, check out the rest of the room or home and choose an option that will make the refurbished piece blend in well.

On the other hand, if you’re unsure how to make old furniture look modern by repainting it alone, take a look at how the professionals do it. And, if you are uncertain about whether you can perform the same job, have them do it. Still, having an expert work on these old pieces may be a bit costly, so if you are working with a tighter budget, you can always practice your chops before holding the spray gun against your old dresser.

What to Do With Old Furniture Pieces?

Furniture Restoration

Reupholstering The Old Sofa

Reupholstering can be a great way to make old furniture look new, especially if you have an old unloved sofa that can do with a little modernizing. New fabric can do wonders to any old piece, breathing new life into the old structure instantly. 

The fabric in question doesn’t have to be top-notch; if you find something that you like among second-run fabric choices in warehouses, you can get a tremendous inexpensive deal on something that will help you restyle your living area.

On the other hand, finding a good upholsterer can be more challenging. More precisely, finding an expert who will understand your needs and is able to get everything done the way you envisioned it. This is why you have to be very specific about this furniture remodel type. Specify welt size, cushion fill options, the direction in which the fabric should run, tufting, etc. Slipcovers may also be a great idea when the cushion and seat inserts are in good shape.

Use Textiles to Your Advantage

On the topic of slipcovers, chairs, headboards, and sofas could all benefit from covering them with quality fabric. This is the fastest and easiest way to fix those “problem pieces” and not have to deal with the reupholstery process.

When it comes to modernizing furniture, this is a cost-effective method that probably won’t hurt your budget, and you will probably be satisfied with the outcome, especially if you opt for chic textiles.

Take The Color Into Consideration

How to make old furniture look modern if you don’t have the tools and the skills to remodel them? Listen to designers. They often stress how finding a consistent color palette is the key to creating a beautiful room decor. 

If you have pieces of furniture in colors that complement each other, you can mix and match different periods without having to sand or repaint anything. Just make sure that the older piece is in good condition. 

Use various design elements like books, pillows, blankets, and artwork to complete the atmosphere and bridge any style gaps.

Embrace or “Hide” The Piece

Again, if the older piece is in excellent condition and you like it the way it is, you might not have to remodel furniture at all. Embrace it as it is and try to put it in the room’s focal point. This way, you are making a bold statement with it and creating a unique atmosphere instantly.

On the other hand, you can have a sneakier approach and work in an older piece secretly to the decor by putting something else in the focal point of the room. A huge picture, a gallery wall, or a large houseplant placed cleverly will draw all the attention, enabling the old piece to fit in without raising any eyebrows.

You Can Always Donate

Assorted Household and Personal Items

If you don’t see any possible way to modernize furniture or make a particular piece work for you in your current design direction, you can always sell it or, better yet, donate it.

If you do your research, you can potentially find places where you can donate your outdated pieces and find others in the same place that fit your design needs better. For instance, Habitat ReStore is an excellent choice for donating as you will be giving back to your community at the same time.

Remodeling Your Furniture Shouldn’t Be Difficult

Unfortunately, older and beaten down pieces of furniture sometimes simply can’t be salvaged. But there are numerous other cases in which you can help the “problem piece” find its way into your current decor direction. In some cases, a fresh coat of paint might just do the trick. In others, you simply just have to embrace the vintage “worn” look of the piece, and sometimes, you can create “diversions” to have it blend in properly. 

Old doesn’t necessarily mean outdated or out of style. If you are looking for other tips and tricks regarding furniture remodeling, you can always reach out to us for advice. 

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