What are the Best Local Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students?

What Are the Best Local Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Volunteer work teaches children how important it is to give back to the community. Giving back to the ones who are in need or less fortunate is probably one of the best ways to feel good about yourself. It gives you the opportunity to contribute to the progress of the local community. 

In addition, volunteering provides a good chance to acquire new valuable skills and knowledge that provides teenagers with the competitive edge required in the college admission or job hunting process. It helps young people stand out among other applicants.

Let’s consider some of the volunteer opportunities for teens:

Serve at a Soup Kitchen

There is probably a soup kitchen in your area that serves meals a few times a day. They always need assistance with serving food or washing dishes and cleaning. They might have an age restriction policy when it comes to working in kitchens due to laws. However, teenagers can provide help with serving food, cleaning, and setting up. 

Assist in Hospitals and Nursing Homes

When parents are seeking for suitable volunteer options for their teens, they very often realize how valuable it could be for their children to offer assistance in hospitals or nursing homes. Patients, especially children and the ones whose families are not able to visit them that often, feel much better if somebody comes to see and talk to them. The elderly in nursing homes are fond of being read to as their eyesight worsens. 

Hospitals and Nursing Homes

Youth Opportunities at Habitat for Humanity 

When looking for volunteer opportunities for teens near me, parents and children should bear in mind that Habitat for Humanity offers youth opportunities that range from serving food to hard-working people on building sites, participating in fundraising or office assistance. This is a unique opportunity for young people to get hands-on experience in how houses are built for local families in need.

Join Meals on Wheels Program

Volunteers are more than welcome to join Meals on Wheels programs and create some crafts. Thus, the elderly could get little treats like a paper rose, butterfly, a napkin ring or a thoughtful card together with their meal. It does not take a lot to brighten a person’s day and you can be the one to do it. 

Volunteer at Local Libraries

Volunteer at a local library – assist in checking books out, cleaning, organization. Libraries often have programs teens could join during their winter or summer break, but also the ones available throughout the whole year. Teenagers could participate in an event organized for young children. An extra advantage of this line of work is that you are surrounded by books and can enjoy reading when you get some free time.

Help Food Banks

Not only do food banks need donations, but they are also always on the lookout for various kinds of assistance. Teens can help by sorting and serving food or carrying boxes. This could be one of the best volunteer opportunities for high school students as they could help with fundraising in their schools and community. 

If you are a parent looking for activities for your children to take part in, or a teenager who would like to lend a hand, community service is a great option. It will both keep you engaged and, at the same time, provide you with multiple useful skills. Volunteer work helps improve soft skills such as teamwork, organization, planning, collaborative thinking, and leadership. In addition, it builds empathy, leads to personal satisfaction and happiness. Last but not least, it does help get you into college. Help out in an animal shelter, feed the homeless and the poor, take part in building a home for families in your community


About Habitat for Humanity of Broward

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity of Broward brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Habitat Broward offers a “hand up” not a “hand out” to families who are unable to qualify for conventional home financing but are willing to work hard to improve their family’s lives and achieve the economic empowerment of homeownership. For more information about Habitat for Humanity of Broward please call (954) 396-3030 or visit habitatbroward.org or check us out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/HabitatBroward.

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